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Monday, 5 December 2011

5 Crafting things I've Learned

Before I begin - my London weekend idea of trawling craft shops didn't really happen, but that's okay, we went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park instead (pics to follow!).

But back to the title of this entry.

In my few short months of making jewellery, I have learned many things, and I figured it might be fun to note them down, and to share them with you!Here are the top five things I have realised.

1. I cannot go into a bead shop without buying something. Doesn't matter if I need it, I just can't leave empty-handed. I also try not to leave with a completely empty purse, but sometimes I cannot resist spending a small fortune!

2. I don't like cheap materials. This is unfortunate, because for someone who is just starting out, it's a great idea to work with less expensive things to avoid too much waste. Luckily, I learn pretty quickly, but again, this isn't so easy on my bank balance!

3. I think about jewellery making a lot. I get ideas at the most odd times of day or night. Even when I am doing something completely unrelated to crafting, I get ideas and inspiration from all kinds of places.

4. My house is not big enough for all my supplies!

5. My best customers are those who see my jewellery in the flesh. This could be partly to do with the fact that I have no photography skills whatsoever! Perhaps I need to spend some time learning how to take amazing photos for the web.

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