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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How to turn a disappointment into a crafting opportunity

Tomorrow, I am going to London! This trip has been marked on my calendar for over a month, the hotel booked and everything ready to go! The plan was to go to the BBC and catch a live recording of Not Going Out, which happens to be my favourite sitcom of the moment! However, today, I returned home after a day of haircuts, last minute shopping etc. to find an email stating that due to "limited seating," my tickets have been cancelled!

Could they be any more last minute??

I live in Devon, so a trip to London during the week means that I have to give up a couple of days work to get there in time, and pay for a hotel that I don't actually need anymore! I have emailed in the hope that they can squish us in, but I don't hold out much hope really.

So, now I am going to London simply to shop, which brings me onto the positive part of this story. I figure that if I can't get to giggle at Lee Mack and Tim Vine, at least I can use the time to seek out bead shops around London! I know there are markets all over the place, so hopefully I can find something suitable so the trip isn't a total waste of time.


  1. Just found your blog- enjoy your trip to London,it's always fun to see the live recordings

  2. Thanks Denise! I am still hoping we can get in, but if not, I am sure we will find something fun to do! :D

  3. enjoyed reading your posts. enjoy your trip to london. caroline